BMG Extruder V2.1 Set

42,90 €
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  • BMG Extruder V2.1 Set


BMG Extruder V2.1 Set

42,90 €
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This very high-quality Trianglelab Dual Drive Extruder offers maximum conveying power and optimal grip on the filament at an attractive price. Thanks to its light, compact and intelligent design, it is also very versatile. Whether as a Bowden or for a direct extruder - both are possible.

Here in the standard / right variant which is the "correct" one in most cases.


  • integrated 3: 1 ratio for the best possible feed even with weaker NEMA17 motors (e.g. pancake)
  • CNC-milled and hardened steel drive gears that grip the filament on both sides (dual drive gear)
  • for 1.75mm filament
  • Injection molded housing made of durable and resilient plastic
  • V6 HotEnd compatible holder integrated in the housing for use as a direct extruder
  • Can also be used as an extremely powerful Bowden extruder using the supplied Bowden adapter
  • Universal bracket made of plastic for easy assembly
  • Delivery in a practical plastic box


  • ensure that the drive gear is correctly aligned on the motor shaft (see gallery)
  • Please only tighten the grub screw of the drive gear "with feeling"
  • the number of steps of the extruder has to be determined again (calibrate the extruder! With the CR-10 you are about right with 415 steps / mm.)
  • If necessary, the direction of rotation of the extruder motor must also be inverted (depending on the setup previously used)

Shipping weight: 501g

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