Decoprobe 8mm 5V Inductive Probe

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  • Decoprobe 8mm 5V Inductive Probe


Decoprobe 8mm 5V Inductive Probe

28,90 €
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The Decoprobe BlackEdition is a 35mm long and 8mm thick inductive Z-probe with integrated temperature compensation for professional 3D printers!

The sensors have an extremely good, high level of positioning accuracy thanks to their precise switching behavior, even with fluctuating ambient temperatures.

The 8mm variant is characterized by its extremely compact design!


Thanks to the NPN switching type, the Decoprobe is very easy to connect to the controls of 3D printers. The supply takes place with the operating voltage and the signal is placed like a switching input on the respective port of the board. With Duet Board, for example, the signal pin is connected to the Z-Probe input.


Technical details:

  • Magnetic field resistant: No negative influence of a magnetic pressure bed on the measurement results.
  • Inductive Z-probe (with integrated temperature compensation)
  • Operating voltage: 5 V
  • Switching distance: 2,5mm
  • overall length: 35mm
  • secured switching distance: 0 ... 2,05 mm
  • switching function: normally closed (NC)
  • switching type: NPN
  • switching frequency: 800 Hz
  • hread size: M8 x 1mmI
  • nstallation type: non-flush


Scope of delivery:

Sensor 8mm with fixed 0.5m open connection cable



Brown: supply (e.g. +5V)

Blue: ground - (e.g. GND)

Black: signal S



The sensor is used in many desktop 3D printers such as PRUSA, Caribou, Voron or HEVO


Shipping weight: 40g

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