DP-3D PETG Carbon - 1000G

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  • DP-3D PETG Carbon - 1000G


DP-3D PETG Carbon - 1000G

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PETG Carbon is a fiber-reinforced PETG filament with 15% carbon fibers. This results in increased strength but also a grandiose appearance of the printed component. The fiber content results in a rough surface and the layers of the print object are no longer visible.


The advantages of PETG filament are obvious. PETG combines the strengths of ABS and PLA in its properties:

Good layer adhesion, high stability, low water absorption, temperature resistance and easy processing to name just a few.

  • High resistance
  • Little warping
  • Very resilient and tough
  • Super mechanical properties
  • Resistant to many chemicals
  • Flame retardant
  • Odorless when printing
  • High printing speeds possible
  • Suitable for all common FDM 3D printers


diameter 1.75mm
Printing temperature 220-240 ° C
Heating bed temperature 70-90 ° C
Closed chamber not mandatory
Fan 0-50%
Flow rate 95-105%
Print speed 35-90mm / s
surface Glass, tape
Retraction (direct) 1-2mm
Retraction (bowden) 3-5mm

Retraction speed

20-45 mm / s

The material has highly abrasive properties. A hardened steel nozzle or a ruby nozzle must be used.
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